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1. Post your item(s) to us
Fill out our Send Your Repair form and include your details inside your package. Securely package your item(s) to avoid damage using bubble wrap or crushed paper. Or visit our Service Center.
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A watch technician will carry out a thorough inspection of your items, free of charge. Our customer services team will then contact you with the price for repair.
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After you confirm that you agree to the conditions for carrying out the repair, you will be informed of the deadline for receipt.
4. We return your item(s)
Once your repair is complete, we'll return your watch with a 24-month guarantee. All items are returned via a courier company or visit our service center and pick it up in person.

Stories from the workshop. Restoration of Rolex Air King - The new watch was born!

June 2022 - together with friends from BWS we received an invitation to visit one of the most modern, technically assured and experienced watchmaking studios not only in Bulgaria, but in my humble opinion also in the Balkans - that of K&K Time studio.
Kaloyan Stoyanov was very kind to show us the new extension of the atelier, the equipment and the possibilities it has. I saw a lot of things that were new to me, but I was really impressed with the results that modern technology can offer - especially when in the right hands! It was then that an idea began to take shape….
And today, a few months later, I have the pleasure to present to you the stages of the restoration, the result and perhaps the most interesting - the comparison between the "two" watches! Yes, to me these are exactly two different watches, because the differences are mind-blowing, and the new Air King is my new favorite watch. The short list of manipulations:
Laser filling of deep scratches - Restoration of the warped part of the hull - Multiple welding, stripping, polishing, measuring distances and angles - Dial restoration - Servicing the mechanism.
The new watch was born!
Pavel Vlachkov - Customer
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